Men and women desiring a younger-looking complexion should consider microdermabrasion. This minimally invasive procedure renews the overall skin texture and tone by exfoliating and removing the top layer of dead, dry skin cells. Tiny crystals complete this task, which helps to thicken the collagen. In addition, the process minimizes the appearance of sun damage, melasma, fine lines, wrinkles, and more. Microdermabrasion helps to increase the effectiveness of topical treatments while providing the person with smoother skin. What does this procedure involve? What benefits can one expect when having this procedure?

What Does Microdermabrasion Involve?

During microdermabrasion, technicians use a special applicator with an abrasive surface. This application gently removes the thick top layer of the skin to reveal a smoother surface. However, the technician might opt to spray the skin with fine particles of sodium bicarbonate or aluminum oxide using suction or vacuum. This provides the same outcome seen with the abrasive applicator.

The Benefits of Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion addresses a wide range of skin problems, such as hyperpigmentation, scarring, and aging. Men and women often choose this procedure together with others to get enhanced results, and the mild side effects observed by users make it ideal for most individuals regardless of their skin color or type. What are some benefits of choosing this skincare procedure?

Reduces Acne Breakouts

When dead skin cells and sebum clog pores in the skin, acne breakouts increase. The clogged pores harbor bacteria, and this brings about inflammatory acne, whiteheads, and blackheads. Microdermabrasion removes the dead skin cells while decreasing sebum production. As a result, the risk of clogged pores decreases, and acne breakouts occur less often.

Minimizes Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The natural aging process, sun damage, and genetics all play a role in the development of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, they contribute to collagen degradation. As the skin loses firmness and elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles appear.

Microdermabrasion boosts collagen production, which helps to fill in and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. The texture and appearance of the skin improve with regular treatments. Once the desired texture and appearance are achieved, maintenance treatments help to preserve the results.

Minimizes Pores

Some men and women find their pores appear magnified, which detracts from their overall appearance. An increase in pore size occurs when sebum builds up, because of photodamage, as a response to collagen loss, or from acne. The risk of clogged pores increases as the size increases, which means a person might experience more acne breakouts.

Microdermabrasion removes debris from the pores along with oil and dirt. Doing so decreases the visibility of the pores and the likelihood of them becoming clogged. Men and women appreciate this, as their overall appearance improves.

Who Benefits From Microdermabrasion?

Anyone with fine lines discovers they can reduce the appearance of these blemishes with the help of microdermabrasion. Pigmentation evens out with the use of this procedure and acne breakouts become less frequent. Furthermore, the process improves clogged pores. However, men and women must recognize this procedure cannot help with redness, growths, dark spots, or deep wrinkles. They must select other procedures to address these skincare concerns.

Undergoing Microdermabrasion

Individuals find there are several home microdermabrasion kits available today. However, treatments obtained through a trained professional provide better results. They penetrate deeper. Furthermore, improper use of home devices could lead to new skincare issues, which no person desires when they are working to improve the appearance of their skin.

Speak to a dermatologist to determine if microdermabrasion is right for your needs. Some men and women find this procedure will address their skincare concerns. Other people, however, might find they need microdermabrasion along with other procedures to achieve the desired results. Certain individuals learn microdermabrasion won’t benefit them, and they must select another procedure. The dermatologist becomes of great help in establishing the correct treatment plan for the individual.