Imagine getting up in the morning and starting your day without needing to spend an hour on your makeup routine. That is exactly what many women are doing with the help of permanent makeup. Permanent makeup can certainly make it easier to get up and go but there are some things you need to know before you schedule the procedure.

What is Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is actually tattooed onto your skin. It is commonly used on the eyebrows and lips, but you can also get permanent eyeliner or freckles. The tattoos are applied with a pen filled with iron oxide. While the tattoo is permanent, it may fade over time and need to be touched up after some time.

Skincare products, time, and the sun can affect the amount of time permanent makeup serves its purpose. As the tattoos start to fade, they can either be redone or allowed to fade completely. Chances are, you’ll enjoy the convenience of living with permanent makeup so much, you’ll get maintenance when needed. Lip color can last for several years. Eyeliner typically lasts up to a year and microblading may need to be reapplied after 12-18 months.

What to Expect when you Get Permanent Makeup

Most people experience tenderness and some swelling after getting permanent lip color or microblading. If you have a body tattoo, you’ll be familiar with the healing process. The area will be tender for a few days and the tattoo will be significantly darker than the final color. You may experience some peeling and scabbing but after the area has healed, it should feel normal and lighten to the color it will stay until it starts to fade.

You shouldn’t experience many side effects with permanent eyeliner. It shouldn’t be painful, and you may be able to drive yourself home after the procedure. Expect your skin to peel as it heals.

Benefits of Permanent Makeup

In addition to the convenience of tattooed makeup, there are other advantages. For example, women who are physically unable to apply their own makeup can enhance their appearance without having to ask for help if they have their makeup permanently applied. This can provide a huge boost to your self-esteem as well as your sense of independence.

Permanent makeup is not only used to add color to the lips and eyes. It can also be used to cover scars and other skin discoloration. Scar camouflage may be used to hide burn scars as well as stretch marks and mastectomy scars. Covering scars could help you avoid rude stares and questions from inquisitive children.

Risks of Permanent Makeup

The procedure involves inserting a small needle into the skin, so it is not without risk. The primary risk is infection. This can often be avoided by choosing a reputable practitioner. Visit the office before scheduling your procedure to ensure it is clean and sanitary.

Another risk is allergy to the coloring material. It’s important for your practitioner to test on a discrete area of your skin, such as behind your ear, to ensure you aren’t allergic. Allergies to the pigments used in permanent makeup are rare but they can be challenging to remove.

Permanent makeup can make your morning routine a lot simpler. If the thought of never having to apply lipstick, eyeliner, or eyebrow pencil again appeals to you, this might be a great way to improve your life. Since permanent makeup doesn’t last forever, you won’t be committed to the colors you choose for your lips or eyes. Feel free to change them when the colors start to fade for a fresh, new look.