It’s Becky’s Fault

Episode 13 – Partnering For Profit


In this episode of the It’s Becky’s Fault Podcast, Kevin Oldham introduces Diffactory, one of his companies and a partner of MedSpaLife. Let’s hear as Kevin divulges the advantages as to why you should partner with Diffactory and the extensive background they have in digital marketing.


Diffactory helps companies build and retain more valuable customer relationships.

Unlike their competition, they have built, operated, and grown multiple companies. They’ve been in the trenches and know what needs to be done.

This gives them unique insights into the expensive problems you face and the best possible solutions.

Furthermore, they are changing the relationship between agency and client by forming partnerships to drive you more revenue while reducing upfront risk.

They have the confidence to be transparent.

To learn more about Diffactory and MedSpaLife, you can reach out to Kevin Oldham on the information below.

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Kevin Oldham – CEO & Founder of Med Spa Life

Why does Kevin do what he does? Because he loves solving complex problems that drive profit and growth for clients. Because he likes the math and the strategy and the analytics and the tactics. And because of three other things: his wife and two kids. But don’t read this and think Kevin’s some stuffy, serious CEO. Nope, in the office, he likes cranking electronic music so loud that the neighbors complain. And on the weekends, he enjoys teaching his son sweet skateboarding moves. Kevin also loves everything about Kansas City, especially the Chiefs. (And we’d like to point out that he was a huge fan even BEFORE they won that little televised ball game in February 2020.)