It’s Becky’s Fault

Episode 3 – How Laura Murff Launched Her Med Spa During A Pandemic And Achieved 375% Growth In Just 7 Months

Laura Murff joins Kevin Oldham in this episode of It’s Becky’s Fault Podcast as they tackle medspa. Laura shares a little about what she did before launching her business and why she started Luminare. She shares insights on what they do over at Luminare Aesthetics & Wellness.


Laura Murff established Luminare Aesthetics and Wellness out of her passion for helping others look and feel their best. She understands that each client has a different situation, so she carefully listens to understand each client’s goals, expectations, experience, and budget before developing a customized strategy for each individual’s situation.

Laura brings 12 years of nursing experience, including over five years as a nurse practitioner. She graduated from Research College of Nursing with her MSN and has a wide range of experience, with her ultimate passion being aesthetics. Laura brings an artistic eye that will enhance your features, leaving you feeling refreshed and confident.

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Why does Kevin do what he does? Because he loves solving complex problems that drive profit and growth for clients. Because he likes the math and the strategy and the analytics and the tactics. And because of three  other things: his wife and two kids. But don’t read this and think Kevin’s some stuffy, serious CEO. Nope, in the office he likes cranking electronic music so loud that the neighbors complain. And on the weekends, he likes teaching his son sweet skateboarding moves. Kevin also loves everything about Kansas City, especially the Chiefs. (And we’d like to point out that he was a huge fan even BEFORE they won that little televised ball game in February.)