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Episode 9 – Mitra Silva – Why Intentional Design Matters for Aesthetics Practices

Mitra Silva joins Kevin Oldham in this episode of the It’s Becky’s Fault Podcast. Mitra divulges about her expertise in the field of interior design and her method of adding extra value in spatial aesthetics for med spa boutiques – how this has helped business owners increase their profit where holistic beauty is being practiced.


Mitra Silva is the Founder and CEO of Simour Design, a medical interior design firm that specializes in creating medical offices and spaces as a physical manifestation of the practice’s noble purpose. The firm’s focus goes beyond beauty to provide comfort, functionality, and flow – all while representing their practice’s brand story.

Mitra spent years gaining experience and knowledge during her tenure with HLW, an Award-Winning design company, where she got involved in projects for design development for major companies such as Walt Disney, ESPN, HBO, Intuit Corporate and Equinox. She then pursued an independent career afterwards and worked with upscale hospitality, commercial and residential projects in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Brentwood, West Los Angeles and Calabasas.

After working independently for over a decade, Mitra felt the need to change the course of her career to specializing in design for the healthcare industry where she and her firm thrive. She also enjoys volunteering her services in the community and has recently offered design consultation and space planning at New Design Charter School in Downtown Los Angeles.

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Kevin Oldham – CEO & Founder of Med Spa Life

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