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Episode 7 – Connecting Skilled Industry Professionals with Susan Wos

Susan Wos joins Kevin Oldham in this episode of the It’s Becky’s Fault Podcast. Susan shares about the platform that she’s created for professionals and business owners with the help of other professionals and business owners that resulted in the establishment of a wellness resource and a comprehensive community dedicated to the salon and spa industry.


Susan Wos is the founder and owner of Salonspa Connection, a Kansas based company dedicated in the salon, spa and barber industry that serves to connect licensed professionals and owners to resources such as jobs, education and business for sale.

Susan has over 20 years of experience in the industry that started to blossom back in 1995 after graduating from a cosmetology school. Her first official position as a hair stylist at the Jones Store in Overland Park gave her the immediate opportunity to grow her clientele, becoming a top stylist in one of the largest salons in the city. She then opened up her own salon at 25 and her success continued for 5 more years where she sold her salon and moved overseas to expand her expertise in a completely different environment. There she worked as a senior stylist for a high-end corporate salon group. After gaining the much needed experience she ventured out for, she moved back home to manage the salon she sold and thrived further in her career as an independent stylist.

Even with the constant success, Susan recalls the struggles that came with her endeavors after having experienced the roles of being an employed stylist and an owner of a salon. This allowed her to develop an eye for what works best in employment within the salon and spa industry and launched a one-of-a-kind employment matching system.

Susan Wos actively handles the employment operations sector of Salonspa Connection and has welcomed several area experts into the company as a comprehensive offering to the local industry.

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